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Bending the cost curve for asset managers

Outsourcing, robotics and operating model transformation offer asset managers new ways to save.

Low interest rates and vigorous competition have forced asset managers to do more with less in recent years. Now, with the rise of passive investing, a growing regulatory burden and heightened complexity, the industry faces more cost pressures than ever before. In the next phase of cost-cutting, firms need to look for measures that can deliver not only bottom-line savings, but also top-line benefits.

The latest paper in our InsideOps series examines four opportunities that could do just that:

  • Outsourcing: Middle- and back-office outsourcing can help relieve scalability issues and reduce costs, while providing a platform for new investment strategies and products.

  • Robotics: Digital assistants can be used to dynamically manage resources and staff at peak volume, execute anti-money-laundering processes and resolve unmatched trades—with quick payback times.

  • Operating model changes: By eliminating redundancies, standardizing processes and reorganizing workflows, firms can set themselves up for future growth.

  • Technology rationalization: By identifying duplication and streamlining systems, firms can create a well-oiled technology machine.

Now is the time for asset managers to embark on the next phase of cost-cutting measures—one that delivers measurable savings and sustainable results.

InsideOps | Insights for Asset Management Operations Leaders: Bending the Cost Curve

InsideOps | Insights for Asset Management Operations Leaders: Bending the Cost Curve