Indian businesses are ready for their next big leap of growth in a highly uncertain and volatile environment. The critical question is how can businesses achieve and sustain market leadership despite eroding traditional competitive advantages and evolving operating models.


Message from Avinash Vashistha

Watch Avinash Vashistha, chairman and geography managing director, Accenture in India, discuss how your business can leverage new market-changing factors and digital technologies to seize the right opportunities and transform your business with pace and certainty.

Avinash Vashistha is chairman and geography managing director for Accenture in India. In this role, he is responsible for all Accenture activities in India and for the strategic direction, growth and development of the company’s business in this geography.

Message from Sanjay Dawar

Watch Sanjay Dawar, managing director and lead – Accenture Strategy, discuss what Indian companies must do to stay ahead of competition and meet their business outcomes in an uncertain and volatile economy.

Sanjay Dawar is a managing director and lead for Accenture Strategy within India. His role focuses on advising companies and governments in India and the Asia Pacific region on business strategy, operating models, digital strategies and innovation, cost management, customer strategies, human capital management, large-scale business transformation and organizational change.


Rural Market: The New Rural Consumer in a Digital World

Today, the Indian rural consumer demands more—better assortment and quality of products, and superior customer service and experiences. Companies can no longer target the dynamically changing Indian rural market with random low-cost products that have limited features. Learn how companies can understand the rural consumer behaviors better and evolve their go-to market strategies.


Profiting from the Market of One: Putting Analytics to Work

An Accenture survey shows that 94 percent of the participating Indian companies are satisfied with the business outcomes driven by Big Data. However, they are possibly skimming the surface of rich veins of granular data they possess that could be analyzed for personalized customer experience. Explore the four steps companies can take to build advanced analytics capabilities to derive actionable insights for making relevant, real-time recommendations to Indian customers.

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Flexible Manufacturing

The Flexible Manufacturer in India: Outperforming Competition by Changing the Rules

Though factors such as high inflation rate and regulatory constraints have impacted the scale of Indian manufacturing, companies now have an opportunity to step up. How? As global economic environment continues to be marked by volatility and uncertainty in supply chains and technology, manufacturers will have to focus on flexibility rather than on scale to survive. Find out how Indian manufacturers can build flexible operations.

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BSES Transformation

An Electrifying Turnaround: The Inside Story of a Utility’s Transformation and Growth

BSES Delhi has managed to drastically cut its aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses—south and west Delhi from 51.5 percent to 18 percent, and east and central Delhi from 63 percent to 18 percent. It has become one of the most efficient and technologically advanced utilities in India. Find out how Accenture’s management consulting and IT implementation services helped it significantly improve revenue collection, power supply quality and customer service.

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Monetizing OTT-TV

Over-the-Top TV: Building a Sustainable Business Model for the Indian Market

Over-the-top TV (OTT TV)—video services on the Internet—is allowing people around the world to consume content anytime, anywhere. However, in India the OTT TV services are still rudimentary. Even though video consumption is increasing, communications service providers and broadcasters are hesitant to make big investments in OTT TV. To monetize the OTT TV opportunities, these companies could look at the successful business models internationally. Find out what a sustainable business model for the Indian market can look like.

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Agile Supply Chains

Supply Chain Visibility: Driving Value and Growth through Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is critical for organizations to succeed in today’s volatile environment. It not only delivers cost savings but also helps enhance revenues and improve decision making. However, this can be a complex activity due to many challenges such as obstacles created by corporate silos that hinder an end-to-view across enterprise functions. Get insights into how organizations can create supply chain visibility by enhancing product-related information flows across all the dimensions of information management.

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Building Careers

Building Careers: The Way Forward for India’s Skilling Programs

Do all workers trained under the India’s vocational education and training (VET) ecosystem settle well in their jobs? Reality is that many workers either drop out or lose jobs because they become unemployable or the job/pay does not meet their expectations. India needs to re-review the current approach that focuses only on closing talent gaps and providing jobs for the unemployed. Discover how the VET ecosystem can be enhanced by focusing on careers rather than jobs to build a sustainable talent pipeline.

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Future of Shared Services

Transitioning from Driving Efficiency to Creating Shared Value: The Future of Shared Services Platforms

Shared services organizations (SSOs), when aligned to their enterprise’s business strategy, can transform themselves into an integrated business services (IBS) model. The model provides end-to-end solutions that deliver greater value such as supporting mergers and acquisitions, offering inputs for faster decision making and providing analytics services. Despite this enhanced value, most companies in India continue to cite process and cost efficiencies as the main business case for setting up SSOs. Learn how Indian enterprises can design an IBS model to extract real value from SSOs.

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GICs - Strategic Partners

Global In-house Centers: The Disruptive Opportunity at Hand

Once seen as captives, global in-house centers (GICs) in India now offer scalable, cost-effective, growth-oriented solutions across key functions for their parent enterprises. Their efficiency and the kind of value they deliver have made this transition possible. GICs are now eager to do more. Find out how they can evolve as strategic collaborators and what kind of changes will they have to initiate.

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Digital Banks

Digital Disruption in Banking

Banks need to go beyond digital and act as disruptors, reinventing themselves into what Accenture calls the Everyday Bank. Everyday Banks play a role well beyond transaction facilitation by becoming a central part of customers‘ everyday life, meeting their financial as well as nonfinancial needs.

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