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Now is the time to fuel innovation and streamline costs.

Communications Technology. Enterprise Technology. Consumer Technology. Medical Equipment. Semiconductors. Aerospace & Defense.


We help clients master the digital journey, both transforming their core business and building new businesses.

Rampant innovation. Global competition. Disruptive new technologies and business models. In the high-tech industries, a digitally transformed future is inevitable. Yet Accenture research shows that many high-tech companies have yet to fully exploit the power of digital transformation.

We collaborate with high-tech companies to help digitally transform how they plan, make, sell and operate, accelerating the renewal of core businesses and operations while investing to scale new products, platforms, services and business models.

Accenture’s digital roadmap begins with planning to ensure our clients proactively pursue their digital agenda. By investing to put the right pieces in place—including cloud, analytics and automation architecture—they can accelerate innovation, develop as-a-Service business models, reduce costs, and grow revenue. For more about planning for digital success, read:

Accenture helps transform and run client operations to significantly increase efficiency and improve experiences for customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Accenture is leading the application of new AI and robotics technology in high-tech.


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Dave Sovie

Dave Sovie is the Accenture Global lead for the Electronics & High-Tech industry.

Dave has 25 years of consulting and High-Tech industry experience, including working with clients in enterprise computing, consumer technology, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and semiconductors. He has deep global expertise and extensive experience leading large-scale enterprise-wide transformations, helping companies transition from a product-centric to a solution-centric business, as well as designing, developing and scaling new businesses.

John Schmidt

John Schmidt leads Accenture’s Global Aerospace and Defense practice.

John has helped many industry leaders define strategy, drive operational business improvement, accelerate profitable growth, and increase shareholder value. He has worked with the largest OEMs and many Tier 1 suppliers such as providers of aircraft avionics, engines, controls, and defense communications products.

Delphine Rivé

Delphine Rivé is the Electronics & High-Tech Industry Lead for Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Throughout her 20-years career at Accenture, Delphine has worked with Electronics & High-Tech and Internet companies to implement large scale business change programs, define commercial propositions and drive digital transformation.

John Korry

John Korry is the Electronics & High-Tech Industry lead for North America.

John has supported clients across the breadth of high-tech industry segments—from software and enterprise technology to semiconductor and medical equipment—during his 28-year career at Accenture. He serves individual clients in an advisory capacity and has also operated as Accenture’s Global Industry director for both the Semiconductor and Medical Equipment industry segments. He is an authority on industry trends and opportunities, demonstrated by his development of Accenture thought leadership and speaking roles at industry conferences.

Syed Alam

Syed Alam is the Global lead for the Accenture Semiconductor Practice.

Syed specializes in the semiconductor, telecommunications, electronics and high-tech industries. In this role, he advises companies on business strategy, growth strategy, merger and acquisitions, post-merger integration, operations strategy, international expansion, supply chain management, fixed asset management, large-scale business transformation and change management. Syed is also the strategy lead for one of our major high-tech clients.


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