Accenture is committed to creating and providing an inclusive, open and equitable environment for individuals with different backgrounds, lifestyles, needs and expectations to be successful. To build awareness and understanding of issues faced by persons with disabilities, we sponsor networking, training and information sharing.

We also encourage the provision of reasonable accommodations—modifications or adjustments to a job or the work environment to assure that a qualified individual with a disability has rights and privileges in employment equal to those of employees without disabilities—to create an adaptable work environment.


India Accessibility Council

To facilitate a level playing field for employees who are persons with disability, Accenture formed a three-part Accessibility Council, comprising leaders who directly influence and impact accessibility and accommodation outcomes. The Council strives to make the workplace accessible by way of application software, infrastructure and sensitizing teams/managers on disability awareness and education.

Three accessibility workstreams:

Physical Accessibility to infrastructure, emergency preparedness and travel
Technology Accessibility to assistive technology, web accessibility
Attitudinal Accessibility to accessible learning assets and disability Education

PwD Career Path Framework

For the career development of persons with disability, Accenture provides an accessible work environment, including an accessible recruitment process, focused integration and professional development opportunities along with role and disability specific interventions at different stages of their career.

PwD Mentoring Program

Enables employees who are persons with disability gain access to Accenture's global network of senior colleagues to help them gain additional insights on career development.

PwD Champions Network

Introduced in fiscal 2014, the program aims to bring together employees who are persons with disability and provides them support through networking, collaboration and mentoring. With more than 1,400 members, the Network endeavors to impart knowledge, skills and insights around the PwD program.


Recruiter’s Checklist
Accenture created an exclusive checklist for its recruitment teams to induce a comfortable and accessible interview process for all candidates who are persons with disability. The Recruiter’s Checklist also provides these candidates with valuable interview tips.
Supervisor Training
Designed to equip managers with an understanding of leading teams that include persons with disability to help create an inclusive and accessible work environment.
Reasonable Accommodation
Helps employees who are persons with disability find reasonable accommodation or assistive technology. Accenture has made this tool available to all its employees.
Online Awareness Trainings
Designed to create awareness on how to effectively work with colleagues who are persons with disability. Additionally, the program aims at increasing awareness about persons with disability within Accenture through training, such as Valuing Persons with Disability, Hidden Disability in the workplace, Disability Etiquette, and Mental Health Awareness.
Employee Testimonials

We firmly believe that each person has unique skills, talent and strengths to contribute, and there should be no barrier to sharing talent due to a disability – whether hidden or visible.

Disability Matters Conference
Asia Pacific – 2017

Accenture in India is proud to host the Disability Matters Asia Conference, the flagship event of Springboard Consulting LLC. The conference and awards ceremony celebrate global corporations leading the way in mainstreaming disability in three categories: Workforce, Workplace and/or Marketplace.

Event details

When: July 27–28, 2017
Where: Accenture Regional Learning Center, Bangalore, India

Key Speakers

Accenture has an unwavering commitment to facilitating an inclusive, open and equitable environment for all our employees with unique abilities.  The diversity of our people is part of what makes us exceptional. By embracing our people’s difference in abilities and unique strengths, we Lead in the New—together.