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Themed "Together for a better future," the European Business Summit is Europe's largest networking venue for top business leaders, policy-makers, civil society and academics, gathering over 2,000 participants and delivering 75 sessions over two days.

Speakers at the June 2016 conference included Jean-Claude Juncker – president of the European Commission, Donald Tusk – president of the European Council, Martin Schulz – president of the European Parliament and business leaders and the relevant European Commissioners for each session on the main programme.

The Accenture Strategy Forum 2016 took place immediately prior to the opening session of the European Business Summit. It offered an opportunity to discuss proven strategies for organizations to embrace digital disruption and generate new levels of agility and growth, lead and organize the future of work, and redefine competitiveness to win in the digital era.

Topics discussed at the event included: Moving beyond "digital strategy" to navigate the next move in your digital journey; growth, profitability and sustainability—your GPS guide for redefining competitiveness; leadership and talent management to create the workforce of the future ... today.

European Business Summit Report 2016

Digital Potential

As part of an ambitious program of research over the past three years, the digital profile of today’s economies is evaluated in this report and we look at how Europe can focus investments and initiatives to succeed.

Three value levers are identified—digital skills, technologies and accelerators—that can make a difference to how European economies enhance their overall productivity and growth. And we show how, with small adjustments, those levers can better exploit digital disruption. We also discuss the changes required for governments and policy makers and offer insights into what actions they need to take to provide high-quality, citizen centric, digital services.

Our report, produced in in collaboration with BUSINESSEUROPE and the European Business Summit (EBS), goes some way towards illustrating the practical steps that can help Europe redefine competitiveness and growth.