In an anywhere, anytime marketplace, retailers are awash in customer data. Despite this, many find it difficult to cut through the noise and get a better fix on their target customer.

They’re asking: Am I engaging with the right customers? Who are my most profitable ones? How do I best engage them? And what kinds of products and services do they really want? They need help finding the right data and using it responsibly across their organizations. This means aligning customer information to their brand identity and purpose. That’s where Scanlan Theodore needed help.

Scanlan Theodore | Window into the Customer

Scanlan Theodore teamed with Accenture and by REVEAL to explore new technologies that can help them get closer to customers. See more.

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Strategy and solution

Pop-up as test lab

The Australia-based luxury fashion brand, Scanlan Theodore, entered the U.S. market a few years ago. A new culture and customers translated into different tastes and desires. How could Scanlan Theodore find out more about their customers, how they engage with their products and what styles most appeal to them?

Scanlan Theodore teamed up with Accenture and our ecosystem partner, by REVEAL, a retail innovation startup focusing on pop-ups, to explore new technologies that can help them get a close-up look at their target customers. Together, they co-created an innovative and immersive pop-up experience that served as a low-risk testbed for automated data and analytics technologies.

Why a pop up?

Pop-ups are a cost-effective way to help stores pilot how effective such changes—whether new product lines, locations or technologies—might be before scaling them. With pop-ups, companies can:

  • Focus on targeted data collection to achieve specific customer insights or test new products.
  • Explore new store formats or locations.
  • Understand the kinds of technologies customers really want and interact with.
  • Offer a different, exclusive experience to customers they are already serving in existing stores.
  • Insert their brand into key moments and events in a given market.
  • Test new technologies with support on hand—rather than invest in training store associates.

The pop-up was held over one weekend at a trendy New York City hotel during Fashion Week and attracted a clientele of fashionistas, media, industry insiders and curious passers-by. The pop-up was tailored to the brand, and a curated selection of merchandise beautifully arranged in a rainbow of colors. The space was set up in a way that enticed shoppers to touch and play with the items. A mini photo shoot against the brand backdrop drew in passers-by to explore the collection and created a selfie social media buzz.

A future-forward experience

Next-generation technologies were also on show, tracking visitors’ behavior as they wandered through the pop-up. Tablet computers and point of sale systems helped sales associates with selling, email sign-ups and payments.

Video analytics

Cameras used facial recognition to see who is visiting and gather other demographic information.


The beacons sense information from RFID tags on clothing to determine shopper engagement with a product.

Traffic and heat mapping

Sensors measure how long shoppers linger in an area.

Accenture Cloud Analytics platform

The platform automated engagement and conversion information to help Scanlan Theodore understand which products and lines resonate with customers.

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The pop-up experience was a great success, demonstrating how new technologies and approaches can help Scanlan Theodore create brand awareness and target customers.


visitors—43% of people in the vicinity at the time.


product interactions.


people reached via social media.

A new customer segment, uncovered

The pop-up helped the brand gain broader exposure. Customers benefited from an immersive, fun and innovative experience that allowed them to explore and evaluate a new brand. Email collection from the event can help Scanlan Theodore continue this engagement to gain further insights and drive sales.

Through data analysis of demographic information, we found that the pop-up attracted a younger customer segment than Scanlan Theodore anticipated, and the company can now target this segment—millennials—with purpose. This insight can possibly be used to identify a location for a permanent retail store. Scanlan Theodore could also see how individual items are performing. The item of most interest to customers, a tuxedo-cuffed shirt, attracted over 100 interactions. They can use this performance data to make informed decisions about their collections. Scanlan Theodore can now use this information to align the right mix of products and services with customers’ desires.

"The pop-up experience was a perfect way to test out new technologies without committing to a significant upfront investment. The insights gleaned helped us understand our customer—as well as the kind of technologies that could help our business."

— SARAH BLANK, Owner and CEO—Scanlan Theodore Americas

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