Manulife Asia, a division of the Canadian global financial services group Manulife Financial Corporation, has ambitious growth targets, particularly for its agency business. Meeting these targets requires it to expand its agency network and increase its agents’ productivity. The insurer’s vision was to consolidate its fragmented, inconsistent experience across different markets using a single, comprehensive agent toolkit that supports the entire agent journey.

Strategy and solution

Uncovering unmet needs

Following an initial visioning workshop, we interviewed agents across Hong Kong and Vietnam to find out what tools they needed.

Analyzing insights

We consolidated our data and used it to design the ideal agent toolkit and experience.

Building a prototype

We built an interactive prototype of the toolkit and tested it with senior business stakeholders, agents and our technical development team.

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Manulife Asia now has a concrete proposition for its agent toolkit and it’s ready to launch. Among the more popular capabilities that the new toolkit offers is a custom keyboard extension, which enables agents to service customer requests without needing to leave their messaging apps—an industry first. Agents have expressed enthusiastic approval of this tool.

Manulife Asia has shown it is a forward-thinking insurer that is not only customer-centric, but also focused on improving its agents’ experience in a meaningful way.

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