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Career development

We pride ourselves on enabling Accenture people to get the most out of their work—and that our people often stay with us to build long-term careers.


In addition to leading-edge training and development, we offer career counselling to help you decide where you want your skills to take you and an internal job postings programme to support your career advancement. In addition, our performance management programmes will keep you up to speed on your progress, as will our range of connect initiatives.

Career Progression

Each of the respective work groups within Operations provides opportunities for your career progression, based on the following factors: Accenture’s business need.

  • Your demonstrated capability and capacity to perform at the next level.

  • Your interest in progressing.

You have a choice to make about your career. Some people may wish to hone their existing skills while remaining in their current role and level. Others may wish to progress and increase their scope and level of accountability. Operations encourages and supports both these paths and we highly recommend that you take the opportunity to hold discussions with mentors, coaches, supervisors, career counsellors and peers to assist you in your career journey.

The career model for Operations defines the steps along a career path, from one sub-level to the next. Your progress is based on specified tenures and performance ratings and, as you progress, so your compensation increases.

Career Counselling

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, regular career counselling will help you in your personal and professional development. Your dedicated career counsellor will spend time with you periodically to discuss your progress, understand your goals and guide you in drafting your personal development plan to help you achieve your goals. This blueprint for your future will help you focus on projects and skills that suit you best and the direction you need to take to facilitate long-term success.

Internal Job Posting Programme
Career Dimensions, our internal job-posting programme, creates opportunities for continuous learning, growth and enhanced career mobility. This programme provides you with the support needed to advance in your career path through:

  • A transparent and predictable selection process.

  • Robust feedback and coaching.

  • More choice in terms of opportunities.

Performance Management

Performance management supports your career development through the sharing of detailed performance feedback, highlighting your strengths and the areas where you need development. Career counsellors/supervisors can coach you in your development and reward you appropriately. The framework is built on:

  • A set of clear and relevant organisational, team and individual performance expectations linked to concrete objectives are communicated to individuals. Individuals integrate these expectations into their own development plans in consultation with their career counsellors.

  • Appropriate, market-related rewards that reflect an individual’s actual contribution relative to the scope and level of accountability of the job or role.

  • Promotions that are made with regard to the needs of the business and the capability of the individual in question, and are not simply the outcome of time spent in a particular role.

One of the criteria for progression and advancement is consideration of whether or not you have demonstrated the ability to perform at the next level.

Connect Initiatives
In an organisation as big as Accenture, clear communication is vital. So if something happens at work, such as a change in personnel policy or in business direction, we make sure you know about it straightaway. We are also keenly interested in your point of view and feedback, which is why we have built effective feedback channels. Our Global Employee Survey is an annual opportunity for you to tell us how you feel about everything—training, rewards, culture, or job satisfaction. Also, the India BPO Portal, an internal information site, has an area dedicated to employee feedback and discussion.

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