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Training and development

Accenture invested more than US$787 million last year


Learning and development is a key element of our employee value proposition. At Accenture, learning is not a time-bound means to a short-term end. It is rather a holistic way of life.

You will develop capabilities through on-the-job work experience, formalised classroom-based training, self-initiated study and interaction with specialists. The programmes are aimed at enhancing your skills and equipping you with business, technical and behavioural competencies needed to perform your role effectively.

High performance is our promise to clients and at its core is our impetus for continuous learning. To enable this learning, we provide an environment that encourages each employee to learn, teach and share knowledge with his or her colleagues.

Continuous Learning

We recognise the need to enhance the capabilities of our employees continually and build on their experience. Employees undergo training and development activities throughout their time at Accenture. We are committed to providing training to deliver superior solutions, whether in advanced systems development programme management, emerging or established technologies, or professional skills. Accenture's proven experience as the leading provider of innovative technology solutions provides a great environment for honing employee skills.

To support a continuous learning environment and enable you to integrate better with our Technology professionals across the globe, we offer a global training curriculum that has three key areas:

  • Application Delivery Training. You will be trained on the Accenture Delivery Suite, which is Accenture's project experience crystallised into simple, easy-to-use delivery methods, tools and architectures.

  • Technology Speciality Training. This training supports building the deep, specialised technology and delivery excellence skills required to deliver technology solutions. This technology training is tailored to your career level and technology skills.

  • Professional Development Training. This training supports the development of the interpersonal, professional, cross-cultural, management and leadership skills required to succeed across various projects and roles.

Taking our culture of employee engagement to a formalised level are the Accenture Core Seminars. These annual events provide a platform for Accenture’s executive leadership to engage with future leaders of the company. As part of learning and development, employees also have access to career counselling, “Leadership Connect” and town halls for mentoring, coaching, sharing knowledge and networking.

Accenture MyLearning

The myLearning internal website is available to all Accenture employees. From classrooms to virtual sessions and self-paced computer courses, our employees can enroll in any of the more than 20,000 courses at the click of a button. The website enables employees to access a wealth of information and create their own curriculum and development plans. The strong e-learning strategy constitutes the very foundation of the learning environment at Accenture and is the starting point in our employees’ journey to growth and development.

Communities of Practice

Innovation is central to Accenture, and we have applied this principle to our learning initiatives. We have built strong communities of practice in both industry and technology domains. Specialists in particular technologies or industries share their knowledge and experience with colleagues within the company. This unique knowledge-sharing platform not only helps in honing the skills of individual employees but also creates valuable assets for the company.

Higher Education Programme

Employees (Senior Software Engineers to Manager career levels) can continue their education through our continuous learning initiative. Accenture sponsors Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in various institutes. The Educational Sponsorship Programme demonstrates our commitment to the professional and personal development of our employees, giving them the opportunity to pursue part-time Master of Business Administration courses at the Indian Institute of Management-Bengaluru, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) and Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI).

As part of our efforts to make the best talent available to the client, we encourage and support certification programmes across technologies. In fact, to facilitate many of the certification programs, we are associated with premier institutes. For example, through the Accenture Solutions Delivery Academy set up in association with the Professional Education Program’s office of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we offer our employees international certification as application developers and/or application designers.

In a similar tie-up, Accenture has teamed with the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, to pioneer the Accenture Management Development Academy.

Being part of Accenture is as much a learning experience as it is rewarding. Each employee has a growth and development plan that is commensurate with the growth and vision of the company. To support our sustained growth charter, we have built a culture with a strong foundation of learning, teaching and nurturing that is continuous and holistic. In short, at Accenture, the learning never stops!

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