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Career development

We pride ourselves on encouraging our people to get the most out of their work—and that people often choose to stay with Accenture.


Your development is linked to ours. We pride ourselves on encouraging our people to get the most out of their work—and that people often choose to stay with Accenture to build long-term careers. Along with leading-edge training and development, we also offer career counselling and mentoring to help you decide where you want your skills to take you. Our performance management programmes will keep you updated about your own progress, as will our range of communication and feedback initiatives.

Consulting has a pace-based career path. Readiness to progress through the career levels is based on a combination of performance, contribution, capability and business need.

Career Counselling

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, regular career counselling will help you in your personal and professional development. Your dedicated career counsellor will spend time with you periodically to discuss your progress, understand your goals and guide you in drafting your personal development plan to help you achieve your goals. This blueprint for your future will help you focus on projects and skills that suit you best and the direction you need to take to facilitate long-term success.


There is nothing like being able to speak to someone at work who has been through similar experiences. The culture of mentoring and knowledge sharing by colleagues provides a great way to turn theoretical understanding into action. Outside of the traditional mentoring relationships, we have also launched an initiative at Accenture that is specifically aimed at attracting and retaining women.

Performance Management

Performance management supports the performance of individuals and teams, and enables development—and in doing so, increases the performance of Accenture. Performance management is a team effort between you, your project supervisors and career counsellors. Its aim is to recognise your contribution and development. We use the same assessment tools and techniques across the world to make sure that rewards are shared fairly.

Communication and Feedback

In an organisation as big as ours, clear communication is vital. Therefore, if something happens at work, such as a change in personnel policy or in business direction, we make sure you know about it straightaway. We are also keenly interested in your point of view and feedback, so we build channels that enable you to share your viewpoint. Our Global Employee Survey is an annual opportunity for you to tell us how you feel about everything: training, rewards, culture and job satisfaction. The Accenture internal portal—an information site—has an area dedicated to employee feedback and discussion.

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