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Work life at Accenture

Our employees share their experiences and talk about their journey here. Watch the videos to find out what it’s like to be part of their team and how you can enjoy a similar career experience!

Anand Bhat shares his experience at Accenture  
Anand Bhat, Global Marketing Capability Lead at Accenture talks about his role and experiences in the organization and how Accenture is at the forefront of digital and analytics.

Ashish Saigal talks about what drives him at Accenture
Ashish Saigal, Operations Manager, talks about how motivating people to work in an Operations environment requires a balance of thought and the ability to be open to ideas.

VC John talks about his daily work routine in Accenture and the constant buzz involved in it
VC John from the India Marketing and Communications team, talks about the culture at Accenture and how it allows a great blend of freedom and learning.

Nachappa Karthachira shares how every day is interesting and different at Accenture
Nachappa Karthachira, Director of Operations and Finance lead for APAC, talks about how interesting it is to work for diverse, culturally-rich projects and teams at Accenture.

Swanidhi Singh talks about the lucrative career opportunities at Accenture
Swanidhi Singh, software developer for e-commerce applications, talks about the great minds, clients, friendly leads and lucrative career opportunities he has encountered at Accenture.

Krithika Krishnan comments on how Accenture caters to all kinds of career aspirations
Krithika Krishnan, program manager and lead for Digital Communications, talks about how she could pursue multiple roles of her interest to make work hugely rewarding at Accenture.

Nazia Ahmed Shariff speaks on the immense opportunities to learn and grow at Accenture
Nazia Ahmed Shariff, training and development lead for Pharmaceuticals Operations, talks about her life-critical clinical data work, and the growth opportunities she availed to learn and grow by leaps and bounds within Accenture.

Muthumari Shanmugasundaram talks about the work-life balance at Accenture
Muthumari Shanmugasundaram, Strategy Consultant with Accenture Capability for Analytics, talks about the work-life balance that enabled her to strengthen her career while being a successful mother due to flexible work options at Accenture.

Monil Ruparel talks about how Accenture offers career opportunities to suit every aspiration
Monil Ruparel, part of the Strategy and Transformation practice, talks about how Accenture allows you to blend your functional expertise with your area of interest, offering opportunities to suit every aspiration.

Rangarajan Veeraraghavan talks about the many opportunities at Accenture that let one become a trusted client advisor
Rangarajan Veeraraghavan, Finance and Accounting Associate Manager, shares some of the many opportunities at Accenture that helped him identify value and become a trusted advisor to the client.

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