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Sanjay C.


Sanjay C.





Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Portfolio and Delivery Management


Master of Business Administration

What I Do

I am part of the Health BPO, managing for East Claims business. The business I manage covers plan setup; enterprise benefit administration, membership enrollment, billing, claims adjudication/adjustment and pend resolution.

Day in my Life

My typical day starts with loads of planning and sketching out how I can deliver better value for my clients and support them to succeed. I spend good amount of time to interacting with my clients to understand their priorities of the day/week and ensure my team is aligned with that. Latter half of the day is spent with my team where I work with them to understand and resolve their issues and help them to better settle in their jobs, improve their skills for them to support future more complex projects.

Outside the Office/Work

I am a fun loving guy who likes to party and enjoy outdoor activities including adventure sports. I like to go on long drives, visiting and exploring places.

My Advice

If you do not dream big, you will lack passion for change. So dream big, negate all fears and apprehensions, take the first step towards what you want to do and things will fall in place.