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Saibal B.


Saibal B.


Specalist, Marketing and Communications



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Marketing & Communications


MBA in Environmental Management

About Me

What I Do
I am responsible for supporting the delivery of Accenture marketing activities focused on a specific growth platform, industry or geography, in alignment with the overall marketing strategy. I ensure high quality for all deliverables and metrics reporting. I also work as part of a dedicated marketing team within an Accenture business entity, and/or work on discrete programs across all dimensions of the business.

Outside the Office
I read world literature, primarily surrealism and graphic comics. I admire art forms across cultures, and nature in movies and television shows. In my spare time, I pursue energy martial arts, meditation and certain associated practices; I try to contribute towards the conservation of the earth, wildlife, and preservation of culture.

My Advice
Stay calm at all times, be kind to nature and animals, appreciate art forms, and read.