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Rupali T.


Rupali T.


Contract Senior Analyst



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Legal & Commercial Services


Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law
My mantra in life has always been to have a decent work life balance where I am able to balance my career with my personal responsibilities. Accenture provides me with just that right kind of support to live a wholesome life.

About Me

What I Do
I am currently the sole point of contact for all Client Data Protection related matters.

Day In My Life
Each day in my life begins with a smile and I start work with a positive attitude. I enjoy it all—my demanding zumba classes; the sweet nothings of my kid; and the energy and enthusiasm that I bring to my professional domain. By the time I hit the bed, I feel the happiness that comes from a day well lived.

Outside the Office
The weekends give me a lot of time to relax and devote time to my personal pursuits. I am a big believer in the almighty and make it a point to visit a nearby temple with my child whenever I have time. I also like to look into how much my kid has learnt at playschool over the week, following which I catch up with my dad or spend time with my friends over a cup of coffee, shopping or a movie.

My Advice
Be diligent and the rewards will come.