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Roshni C.


Roshni C.


Program Specialist Services Manager


Mumbai, India

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


Post Graduation in Personnel Management and PMP Certified

About Me

What I Do
I am the lead for India Operations and for Program Control Services Capability for Mumbai Managed Shared Services. I also play the role of Diversity Sponsor for Management Services and am the Executive Council Member for Vaahini in Mumbai. My focus areas are driving initiatives that build a strong value-based culture within our organization. I actively recruit with the aim of creating a workforce with an equitable level of gender diversity, a mix of persons with disabilities and other cultures and groups working in our organization.

Day In My Life
I believe that if your actions inspire others to dream, do and become more; that is the most satisfying thing in life. I consider every moment of my work life as an opportunity to connect with different people and learn something new. Balancing personal and professional situations affirmatively is the key to my inner peace.

Outside the Office
I enjoy keeping fit and believe in healthy living. I rarely miss my workout and am conscious of my diet. I focus on positive thoughts and on imparting cheer and joy. I am also inclined to help and support people.

My Advice
I can say that being true to myself, preserving my emotional state of mind and catering to the needs of my family has helped me reach my horizon. I suggest measuring success the right way—by giving equal due to personal and professional endeavors, by prioritizing the events in your life, by being with the right kind of people and by living every moment.