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Raksheet K.


Raksheet K.


Dynamic customer relationship marketing consultant



Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

Career Area

Industry Solutions & Services


Master’s degree in computer application (Management)

What I Do

What I Do
Every day brings new challenges in my role at Accenture. I have worked in various domains such as BFSI, manufacturing and services. I deliver technology solutions and get to learn something new with every project. I am popular in my team for lifting their spirits and bringing in a fun and healthy environment.

Day In My Life
Apart from my everyday tasks, I enjoy analyzing my client’s requirements and how it can be improved. I also enjoy blogging which helps me build a community and stay connected with them.

Outside the Office
I love travelling, music and photography. I also enjoy playing sports.

My Advice
Consider work your avocation and have an optimistic outlook. Hard work always pays!