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Rajan S.


Rajan S.


Client Services Organisation Lead, H&PS, IDC



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


BITS Pilani, Indian Institute of Management

What I Do

I am the Client Services Organisation Lead for Health & Public Service in the India Delivery Centre. In this role, my team and I are responsible for orchestrating the internal and external H&PS client visits to our delivery centers. These includes the management and governance of visits that are critical for such offshore engagements. I also take care of the Health Industry Program in the IDC, responsible for coordinating all the asset and industry capability development work.

Day In My Life
On a typical day, I interact with various Client Accounts and Delivery Leads to discuss, modify and finalize the agenda for upcoming client visits. I also coordinate with most of the Capability Leads of our delivery centers to ensure that we are showcasing the best that Accenture has to offer and aligning our presentation and messaging with the key themes of the client visit. My role as the Health Industry Program Lead requires me to conceptualise, coordinate and implement initiatives aimed at increasing the industry knowledge and expertise of our people in the delivery centers. I also spend time monitoring the spend on skill building and asset development initiatives to ensure that we are getting the maximum returns on the money spent by us. I am also a teaching faculty for a few training programs including the Accenture Management Consulting University, the Negotiations Center of Excellence and 5 Choices. On an average, I take time to teach for a couple of days each month and enjoy the opportunity to network with and learn from Accenture employees in other countries and offices.

Outside the Office

Science and science-fiction has been my passion for a long time now; my main source for acquiring new understanding of this vast subject being books and movies. I enjoy long discussions with friends on ‘what was science fiction once, is a reality today’; with movies acting to raise the bar! I love cooking and make it a point to cook at least one meal every week for family/ friends, Indian and Italian dishes being my favorites. In the last two years, I have taken to long-distance running and have completed a couple of half-marathons; I see running as a way to disconnect as well as reconnect and am happy to note that I am influencing many people in my community into taking up running as a way to a healthy life. My most recent avocation is a return to playing chess; my chess sets (and skills) are enjoying a bit of sunshine after many years of gathering dust!

My Advice
My only advice would be ’Stay true to your priorities’. I have found this to be important whether I am talking to a client about their business challenges, managing delivery of a complex project or getting my work-life balance in order. I have been at my productive best when working on challenges that are aligned to my priorities. Of course, priorities change over time; I consider myself fortunate that I have worked and continue to work for a firm that has provided the opportunities to stay true to my priorities over many years.