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Manish G.


Manish G.


Contract Senior Analyst



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Legal & Commercial Services



I am the ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’ type and Accenture provides me with the right kind of support to lead a high octane lifestyle. My work profile is exciting and the quality time that I get to devote to my people and vocation sometimes makes me feel like the luckiest man alive.

About Me

What I Do

My work profile at Accenture involves being part of the Contract Management team. My role within the organization is to provide support to the Global and Regional Service Centre team. I am primarily responsible for tracking and monitoring contract changes, deliverables, correspondence and risks, and maintaining associated documentation.

Day In My Life
The most important thing at Accenture is that learning never stops and it helps me evolve on a continual basis and become a well -rounded employee. I get a chance to voice my concerns and take part in various social causes.

Outside the Office
I enjoy travelling, reading and I am an avid follower of professional sports. I usually rest and charge my batteries on Sunday and also spend quality time with my mom.

My Advice
Assume more responsibilities and have faith in your abilities.