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I joined Accenture in September 2007, as a process associate and am now a business advisory specialist.

Why Kalaripayattu?

I have always been fascinated by Kalarippayattu. My penchant for a deeper knowledge of this ancient martial art eventually led me to train in it. Kalarippayattu originates in Kerala and is one of the oldest surviving fighting systems still in existence. To train in Kalarippayattu you need to invest an awful lot of your time, but determination and perseverance can get you to the end results, which are totally worth it. The best thing about it is that it allows you to get in touch with your inner self and replaces the chaos of everyday life with peace and tranquility.

Why did you choose your passion?

I have always been a fitness enthusiast but over the years, with the worries of everyday life weighing me down, my fitness had taken a back seat. I took to Kalarippayattu as an alternative fitness regimen. I was greatly impressed by Kalarippayattu’s holistic approach to making one look and feel healthy from the inside. The health benefits of practicing this art are tremendous, from an improved strength and stamina to enhanced mind-body coordination and core strength.

What drives you to pursue it?

Kalarippayattu is much different from other forms of martial arts. It teaches combat and defense, but most importantly, self-control. You can attack or get ready to attack but you should also know when to stop. Modern urban lifestyle has made us forget that the body can do so much more if treated holistically. We have all heard the phrase that “your body is your temple” but seldom do we take this statement seriously. Kalarippayattu is an art that believes in this phrase. It provides me psycho-spiritual experience that’s transformative and helps me connect with my spiritual self.

How has Accenture supported you to pursue your passion?

Accenture has been very supportive of my passion. Most of the Kalarippayattu classes happen on weekends but there are times when I must be in the office during weekends. My leads and teams are very understanding and always allow me to flex my office schedule so I can attend the classes.

How does pursuing your passion help you focus better on your work?

The movements in Kalarippayattu require a very focused and alert mind. I incorporate this focus and alertness in my everyday work schedule as well. Practicing Kalarippayattu has also helped boost my energy levels and made me a more confident and positive person.


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