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Meet Saket, a Client Services Delivery Manager and a culinary master!

Tell us about your Accenture journey.

I joined Accenture in October 2006 as a data validation associate. Over the years, I have enjoyed a truly rewarding and transformational career at Accenture that has not only helped me grow professionally but also pursue my passion for cooking.

I am the Pharmacovigilance Lead, serving more than 400 people including doctors and pharmacists working toward patient safety in pharmacovigilance delivery.

Why cooking?

Some people eat to live, I live to eat. I have always loved food—be it for experimenting new recipes or reading about culinary skills and dishes and recreating them. I find cooking therapeutic—it is meditation with the promise of a good meal reward. What more can one want?

I was introduced to cooking by my mother. She is an amazing cook and her miraculous dishes always brought happiness on my face and got me interested in cooking right from my school days.

I started to cook during my college days, and as time passed, it became a passion. My dishes were well appreciated by many in the office and within my personal network.

Since cooking has emerged as a big thing on media with Master Chef series, it inspired me to take passion it to a bigger platform and set up my own restaurant.

What drives you to do it?

It’s the appreciation, gratitude and hugs I receive for cooking a good meal for friends and family—it’s priceless. In many ways, food fuels everything. It fuels conversation, culture, relationships and the world we live in. Cooking, for me, is an escape to a different world, away from the pressure of meeting stringent deadlines and dealing with tough stakeholders.

How has Accenture supported you to pursue your passion?

Accenture celebrates passions of its people. My cooking has always been appreciated by my colleagues. Also, I have been trusted by my leadership team to manage catering on several occasions including corporate events, team outings and potlucks.

I could live my dream of setting up my own restaurant, Zaika, with only leadership and family support. I have set up this restaurant while managing a tough delivery in Pharmacovigilance, where I worked 18–19 hours a day.

My family runs the restaurant now. The restaurant serves 270 varieties across Indian, Chinese, Tandoor and Thai.

How does pursuing your passion help you bring your best to work?

Being a delivery lead, my most important role is to keep my client’s happy. I experiment and design new, exciting solutions that can help them achieve transformational business outcomes. It’s quite similar to creating a new recipe, where you experiment with different ingredients until you create a phenomenal mix that delights not just your belly but also your soul.


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