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Meet Priya Singh, an Optimization Trainer, Digital Marketing Expert and Explorer.


Tell us about your Accenture journey?

I have been with Accenture for close to 4 years now and in my current role, I train newly hired employees to be able to perform their assignments efficiently. Also, upskill tenured employees for any topics that are new to the business.

Tell us about your role and what a typical day looks like for you.

I am an optimization trainer for online marketing campaigns. During a day, you will find me interacting with trainees, resolving their queries and demonstrating optimization through real-time tasks. As a trainer, I also work on improving the training material and assess trainees to ensure we deploy the best of talent in a live environment.

Best thing about your current role?

My role as a trainer is crucial for laying foundation for successful business operations. Personally, as a trainer, I like to interact with different kinds of people and explore different processes.

What made you choose this profession?

I had joined a digital marketing agency in 2006 and was amazed to see the amount of data and insights that were available in digital marketing. Interestingly, as a digital marketer, you can gauge real-time impact of your actions unlike traditional marketing methods.

How does Accenture groom you to become a leader?

Accenture provides ample opportunities to act as a leader by arranging client interactions, participating in leadership calls, and contributing in business decisions.

In terms of upskilling, do you think Accenture is ready to meet future industry demands?

Accenture is continuously working towards building capability internally and adapting to requirements, keeping employee needs in check.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the industry? What do you wish you had known?

The industry is highly suitable for woman as it provides flexibility of online access from anywhere.

From your own experience, have you seen an improvement in diversity at Accenture ?

I have seen people from both genders moving from one role to another on the basis of their capability and aptitude irrespective of previous experience.

How do you balance your work and personal life?

I work hard to finish all my assignments in office hours. If needed, I take calls from home and reassign work, wherever possible.

Quick Facts

Meet Priya

A gadget you can’t live without:

My phone

You recharge by:

Timeout with friends

New music band or sport that has caught your attention:

Scuba diving

An advice that sticks with you:

Everything is difficult before it's easy

Book/movie that has inspired you:

The Diary of Anne Frank

Your mentor:

Different people taught me different things at different stages of life


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