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Tell us about your Accenture Journey.

I joined in June 2012, as a Contractor (Assistant HR) and now an HR Service Delivery Associate

Share something about your passion.

I started dancing when I was 3, but didn’t take it seriously as I was too young. I was 13 when I realized that I wanted to pursue the art of dancing and started taking formal dance training. I love to attend the dance class each day. I always got inspired by my teacher’s performances at the events and it kept me motivated.

I have learnt Mysore style Bharatanatyam, a form of classical dance, and Mohiniattam—a renowned classical dance form of Kerala. With sheer hard work and support of my family, friends and colleagues, I have been able to make it this far.

Why did you choose your passion?

My mother told me about her passion for dance during her teenage, but unfortunately she could not take up dancing due to personal reasons. I determined that I can make her wish come true by learning dance. She has fully supported me in pursuing my passion for dancing and motivates me to excel at every performance. She is my biggest fan and critic.

Even during group dance performances, I have been recognized as the best performer. These small recognitions motivate me to put my “best foot” forward whenever I am on the stage.

What drives you to pursue it?

My teacher, who is 72, is still the same when I saw her on the first day of my class. Her energy, enthusiasm and expressions are immensely beautiful and flawless. This is one of the main reasons that keeps me engaged and give importance to dance.

Also, when I dance, I feel very comfortable, relaxed and happy. Whenever I am stressed, I go for practice and feel better. It also keeps me active over the weekend.

How has Accenture supported you to pursue your passion?

I have been recognized by my team lead and the DU lead at many occasions. They have provided immense support and nominated me to perform at all Accenture events and leadership connects. I feel so happy about it.

Also, I have been given permission to attend my classes or performances, whenever requested. The leadership and my supervisor have given me some free time to practice and a strong platform to showcase my talent.

How does pursuing your passion help you focus better on your work?

Dancing keeps me relaxed and at peace. It also helps me build physical strength, stay focused, improve memory and find inner satisfaction. I love to learn new things every day. And, these dance forms offer limitless opportunities to learning.


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