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Do you think differently? Can you look at a business problem and visualize a way to make things better?

We present to you the IntelligentYOU: Accenture Idea Contest, where we are looking for ideators who can give us the most innovative solutions for real business challenges.


What Can Your Idea Do?

With evolving business practices, our clients are continually looking for transformation and innovation partners who can lead them into the NEW, to address risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Your idea could be the one enabling them to achieve this.


How does it work?

Accenture has for you five real world business challenges. You can choose the challenge you want to solve, and submit your idea. Our expert panel will evaluate the viability of your idea and choose the best ones.

Winners stand to take away exciting prizes!

Get an experience of a life-time of solving real time business problems, an opportunity to compete alongside awesome peers and industry leaders and gifts worth 4.5 lakhs.

If the idea of doing something new excites you, this challenge is for you.




What is the IntelligentYou: Accenture Idea Contest all about?
IntelligentYou: Accenture Idea Contest is a celebration of ideas from brilliant professionals like YOU – an opportunity to showcase your skills. The challenge will test your grey cells like never before, make you think out of the box and propose practical solutions to pressing business challenges.

Register NOW to experience a unique platform to show-case your ideas, learn from some fantastic industry veterans and take home amazing prizes and a bagful of awesome memories!

When and where does it unfold?
The contest opens for registration on Tuesday, 5th June.

Who is eligible to participate?
The Contest will be conducted online and open to all experienced professionals and students and who are 18 (eighteen) years or above and (including Accenture Operations employees in India), who meet all eligibility requirements as stated in the Contest Rules.

Do I participate as an individual or as a team?
The participants can only submit entries as an individual.

Where do I start?
Start by registering on the site. Select your stream. Once a submission is uploaded you cannot edit it.

Can I participate in more than one category?
Participants can participate in all the Categories.

Duration of the contest
The contest is open for three weeks and this is your opportunity to showcase your skills

What is the final prize?
In addition to the experience of a life-time of solving real time business problems, the challenge will give you the opportunity to compete alongside awesome peers and industry leaders and you get gifts worth 4.5 lakhs.

What is the terms and conditions?
"IntelligentYOU: Accenture Idea Contest" (the "Contest") is organized and conducted by Accenture Solutions Private Limited ("Organizer") and shall be open for submitting the entries from Tuesday June 5th, 2018. For full T&C please click here.