20 years of Advanced Technology Centers in India!


At the time I joined Accenture, if someone had told me that I would lead a Cyber Security practice one day, I would have brushed the thought aside! More than twenty-five years later and after performing several exciting roles across multiple Accenture businesses, I now lead a security practice, yet another new area for me. I strongly believe Accenture offers a unique value proposition to people - the opportunity to continuously reinvent self to perform different roles across diverse businesses in your career. As the Accenture Security lead at Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI), I work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Together, we’re enabling global organizations to protect their businesses through next-gen cybersecurity services. Our journey to create a security practice at ATCI has been a long one, spanning more than 15 years. The practice has grown both in size and range of services with huge contributions from different leaders over the years. It also benefitted from being integrated with Infrastructure Services and Accenture Operations over different periods in time, each adding to the richness of Accenture’s security capabilities. Today, Accenture Security operates as an independent practice at ATCI, working closely with other market and practice teams.

Championing cybersecurity—the ATCI way

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be emphasized more in today’s digital age when the need for detecting, responding to and preventing cyber threats—proactively—has become non-negotiable. At ATCI, thousands of skilled security practitioners are continuously pushing the bar on technology innovation to safeguard client businesses and make them resilient. We are collaborating with multicultural teams, building new capabilities and harnessing advanced technologies such as industry, AI and predictive analytics to change the future of cybersecurity. Over the years, as client requirements have diversified, we have expanded the breadth and depth of security skills among our practitioners. For example, ATCI teams now provide advanced managed security services at scale, powered by our deep knowledge of multiple industries, automation technologies and platforms. We also implement new solutions for clients catering to their needs in digital identity, infrastructure, cloud, platform, data and application security using internal and third-party products. We continue to invest in upskilling our practitioners, such as setting up a cyber-range in-house last year to impart learning through simulated cyber-attack scenarios. In partnership with our security global colleagues, we are growing exciting new capabilities in cyber defense such as threat intelligence and incident response.

As trusted partners in our clients’ digital transformation journeys, we help them secure all dimensions of their enterprise. Today, we’re way ahead of our competitors by providing game-changing solutions in cyber defense, applied cyber security and managed security services. The ATCI sits at the heart of how we provide these solutions to our clients. In addition to providing industrialized delivery, we are also enabling future of security business by integrating industry expertise and innovation and taking more ownership to originate new work at the clients. We are also growing our security portfolio in advanced security services such as application security, risk management, security strategy, cyber intelligence and more.

Being resilient as ever, even as we grow and evolve

The past few years have been truly transformative for ATCI. On one hand, we dealt with COVID-induced uncertainty, and on the other, we scaled at a speed that was unprecedented! We did this by continuously re-inventing, adapting to change and building niche technology talent. Our strength lies in how we built a work culture that is people-centric and client-focused. Today, I am so proud of how ATCI has evolved from being an “industrialized” delivery location to one that is driving “innovation and value” for Accenture—at speed and scale. And the credit goes to the world-class talent that we’ve nurtured over the years. Our outstanding leaders have also been instrumental in nurturing and inspiring the workforce to make incredible things happen.

Striving for a safer, secure future

As we celebrate ACTI’s 20-year anniversary, we are honing our capabilities to secure our clients’ entire value chain, and enabling them to innovate safely, build cyber resilience and grow with confidence. We are leading from the front in protecting our clients’ critical resources—data, applications, identity and infrastructure—through industry-leading tools, technologies and processes. More importantly, as we move toward a more connected world, we are committed to creating a safer, smarter and trustworthy digital environment to live, work and thrive in.

Let there be change.

Alok Khandelwal

Lead – Accenture Security, Advanced Technology Centers in India

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