20 years of Advanced Technology Centers in India!


It was way back in September 2002 when Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI) recruited me—a young, techgig data architect with a passion for coding. I joined ATCI’s first data warehousing engagement, which was being run out of an under-construction facility. I have vivid memories of the next 20 years, which were exciting and truly memorable. ATCI was charting a blueprint for its success and shaping the future with the latest technology and our people’s ingenuity. 

Looking back, I feel proud to be part of this inspiring journey. I’ve come a long way—personally and professionally. 

What I have loved most is the variety of roles I got to take on and the opportunities to learn and keep myself relevant. I joined as an enterprise data architect and then went on to lead the Finance Banking and Capital Markets delivery portfolio for North East US. I then took on the role of Asset Engineering practice lead. Today, I am the Global Technology Solutions lead. With each role change, I challenged myself to be versatile, learn new skills, innovate, take risks, solve complex problems and excel.

Being future-ready

In today’s uncertain world, digital technology is no longer a strategic advantage but a minimum response. Enterprises that want to become digital businesses quickly need to reimagine their IT, embrace future-technology and future ways of working, and develop a future-ready workforce. To drive these transformations at speed and scale, they must adopt an operating model that promotes tighter integration of business and IT. This shift would help them focus on delivering continuous “value” and building an innovation and automation-first culture. During these times of unprecedented change and disruption, AI-powered automation is key to outmanoeuvre uncertainty and remain resilient. Embracing agile ways of working can help enterprises achieve business outcomes faster and continuously scale innovation. I have had the opportunity to help clients reinvent their technology portfolio with a new style of IT. In my role as a technology solution architect, I brought in a unique innovation-led business value-driven mindset. Working closely with CXOs, I’ve helped strategize and execute their enterprise automation journey, leading a generation of evolution around automation for Accenture and, specifically, for ATCI. 

Taking the platform products approach

When I began my career, the technology landscape was very different. In the last two decades, three shifts have driven the need for a platform/products-driven approach:

  1. From legacy toward a combination of new emerging technologies needed to drive business innovations
  2. From a traditional big-bang approach to agile, rapid and continuous deployment of new business functionality
  3. From single skills specialization to multi-skilled full-stack engineering talent

The need for cloud, data, digital and AI has now grown multi-fold. At ATCI, we are passionate about helping our clients execute their enterprise transformation journey at an accelerated pace. One of the ways we do that is by following a platform approach. With myWizard®, we laid the foundation of intelligent automation for enterprises looking to scale delivery agility continuously. The result is 2–4X faster time-to-market, 60 percent improved first-time-right quality and 99+ percent on-time releases. To help clients drive continuous innovation at scale, we created an ecosystem of platforms—myWizard, myNav, myConcerto and myIndustry. These platforms leverage each other to make accelerated transformation a reality and a success. 

A brighter, bolder future awaits

What fuels growth for ATCI? I would have to say it is our extraordinary technology and innovation mindset combined with a robust delivery engine. We solution and deliver exceptional value for our clients—and we do that by keeping one foot in the present and one in the future.

But technologies don't work on their own. They’re only as efficient as the people who use them. A plethora of cutting-edge technologies, like 5G, AI, blockchain, cloud and metaverse, are coming together and changing the business landscape. To remain relevant and meet those expectations, everyone has to be on a continuous learning path. This culture of lifelong learning opens unlimited opportunities for our people. They can choose to become multi-skilled and even explore new career paths in different streams within the organization. 

It is extremely rewarding to be among such talented people who are leading change with their zest for learning and doing incredible things.
As we celebrate the 20-year journey of ATCI, we remain focused on achieving even greater heights in the future, together.


Aditi Kulkarni

Lead – Accenture Global Technology Solutions

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