20 years of Advanced Technology Centers in India!


At the Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI), we embarked on an incredible journey 20 years ago to shape the future with the power of technology and human ingenuity. I joined ATCI in 2004, at a time when the market was changing rapidly, and the digital revolution was fast gaining momentum. We knew we had to take bold strides in developing breakthrough solutions and executing them at speed and scale.

Making nonstop innovation a way of life

The Innovation Council was conceptualized in 2013, helping us reimagine the future and driving technology-led transformation. Today, the Innovation Council has proven to be a powerful channel for our people to demonstrate their innovative prowess. With enthusiastic innovators (we call them Innovation Catalysts), and seasoned mentors (the Innovation Curators, who help the catalysts bring ideas to life), the council is nurturing a culture where there are no limits to creativity and imagination. What these brilliant minds needed was a platform to unleash their ideas and bring them to life. Within a year of setting up the council, we organized our first-ever Technology Innovation Contest. And the results were extraordinary—4,000+ participants, 2,000+ smart ideas and a zillion eureka moments! These ideas would soon inspire thousands of bright minds at ATCI to transform our clients’ businesses with their ingenuity and the power of technology. The contest proved that our people’s passion for solving problems was unstoppable. Buoyed by its success, the contest went global in 2018, and in 2020 we received a whopping 115,000+ intelligent ideas. Today, our game-changing solutions are helping us deliver 360° value for our clients across industries, worldwide.  As true ambassadors of innovation, our diverse talent pool at ATCI continue to innovate in the virtual environment, working from all parts of the country and collaborating with colleagues all over the world   to help embrace change across enterprises at an unprecedented scale.  

Riding the tough waves with resilience and passion

Despite major technology disruptions, an economic recession, natural calamities and the global pandemic, our passion for innovation still stands strong. For example, we leveraged our innovation architecture to help, a leading retailer, manage online inventory, provide access to essentials and expand capacity on home delivery, and emerge as a responsible retailer during the COVID pandemic. We also helped a leading non-profit organization improve their operations with a modern software platform on cloud so that they could expand the scale of their impact. Our innovative solutions for social good were met with a resounding applause in the recently concluded Client Co-innovation contest.

Where are we headed next? We’re at an exciting phase of our journey, and the next 20 years look even more promising. At ATCI, we are ready to shift gears and power innovation to inspire the next generation of talent while creating long-lasting impact for our clients and the communities we live in with the power of Technology and Human ingenuity.

Let there be change!

Raghavan Iyer

Senior Managing Director - Lead Intelligent Platform Services, ATCs - Innovation Lead, Integrated Global Services

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