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Accenture Business Journal for India 2016, Issue 2

Charting the path forward for India’s digital transformation


The second edition of the Accenture Business Journal for India 2016 provides a thematic representation of the digital opportunity in front of the big billion nation. The journal brings valuable insights gained from years of experience in helping our clients in India achieve their business outcomes with pace and certainty across sectors.

We believe transformation is an imperative to survive in today’s disruptive marketplace. As organizations seek to reimagine themselves and think beyond incrementalism, a customer-focused transformation—enabled by digital and innovation—can create unparalleled value, at speed. This edition of the journal lays out some of the important digital and innovative trends affecting businesses and governments, signaling the need for a broader transformation to achieve success.

Overview: Accenture Business Journal for India 2016, Issue 2

Preface – from Country Managing Director, Accenture in India

Meet the Authors

Listen to the authors of Issue 2 of Accenture Business Journal for India


As leaders and key decision makers across industries and the government look to embrace digital as the pole for efficiency and growth, this thought leadership compendium provides a unique perspective on trends that are disrupting businesses and compelling them to transform. 



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