Put the Pivot to play

As disruption changes the rules of the game, companies must find new ways to reinvent their business models, capture new areas of growth and invest in innovation. While the writing is on the wall, most businesses are unable to take the leap of faith. The good news is: Disruption is no longer an uncertain or incomprehensible force de majeure. Companies can thrive amid disruption by investing in the future and making their business change-ready. Accenture’s Wise Pivot is the key to winning in the digital age. It recommends remaining focused on the core business while reinventing it, and simultaneously creating investment capacity to scale new businesses. Accenture has conducted a comprehensive study on how 900 Indian companies across industries are undertaking the Wise Pivot. Read how the leaders of the pack are differentiating themselves from the laggards. Brace for your own pivot journey—it’s now or never, or at least too late to count.

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