Turning innovation in to tangible outcomes

New business models and industry-disrupting startups are putting pressure on legacy businesses to step out of the box and innovate. Companies that pivot to pursue new growth opportunities through innovation will lead and thrive in these constantly changing times. While many are making strides in this direction, only a few organizations have been able to turn innovation into impact. To harness the true power of an innovation-led environment, organizations need to foster the right culture and mindset. Accenture’s Innovation Architecture enables organizations to take a holistic approach to innovation by relying bringing together existing operating models and new capabilities to boost agility, efficiency, productivity and creativity. Accenture’s managed-service model has already helped many clients on their innovation journey by collaborating with deep tech growth-stage startups. This article recommends practical steps to empower business leaders to navigate the unpredictability of digital disruption and turn innovation into real-time value.

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