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To stay competitive, the telecom operator sought to increase its market share and reduce its operational cost-to-serve. It undertook cost reduction initiatives and reinforced its marketing and sales. Among those initiatives was the analysis of retail in-store activity in efforts to better understand customer behavior and reshape its multichannel strategy accordingly. Monitoring retail store traffic would lead to competitive insights into customer behavior that could create a better in-store customer experience and bolster sales performance.


Accenture had an existing relationship with the telecom operator based on other key projects around the telecom and retail industries. Leveraging the success of the past analytical projects, the telecom operator tasked Accenture with providing design, implementation and ongoing maintenance services for the analytics solution.

The solution was built on an SQL database allowing for the daily collection of counting data from around 550 retail stores throughout telecom operator’s network, allowing daily reports. Accenture worked closely both with store operations teams and business intelligence teams to optimize data usage and help the customer best adapt to the solution.

The team:

  • Managed the installations of the smart videos for in-store data capture of the operator’s retail store network.

  • Directed the setup of a remote server built by Accenture to manually handle in-store counting devices when necessary.

  • Developed weekly reports to help the company’s operational teams measure commercial performance.

The remote server also allowed for optimizing the individual counting devices at a distance for more cost-effect maintenance services.

For monitoring and analyzing the captured data, Accenture built user-friendly Web-based interfaces to allow easy access on multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, with intuitive, visual and realtime dashboards. The reports highlighted performance across all stores and regional areas and enabled forecast analysis based on seasonality and the impact of marketing initiatives.

The initial roll—out for operator-owned stores took almost 13 weeks, while the second phase for franchised locations took around eight weeks. Accenture improved the data received and adapted the counting devices to better capture customer entry and behavior data. The Accenture team also took on responsibility for monitoring the solution, resolving any issues and the weekly data reporting from the counting devices.


Based on Accenture’s solution, the telecom operator now captures data for an average of 60,000 customers every day, with more than 90 percent precision. This resulted in improved retail store performance and:

  • Increased customer experience
    By tracking customer path and monitoring queues, the operator gained further insight on customer activities, redeployed retail staff where needed to address customer queries and helped them with their purchases—further contributing to increased customer experience.

  • Reduced operational costs
    Monitoring in-store traffic inflow helped identify stores with insufficient customer visits, helping reduce operational costs through closing of specific stores.

  • Maintaining steady supply of products and service packages
    Traffic flow monitoring alerted instore staff of empty shelves for restocking and low inventory products and service packages.

Within a year of the implementation, the telecom operator developed a program to incentivize its retail locations based on the data collected and sales conversion rates to further engage its employees in the store’s business and reward them for performance. The accurate in-store traffic monitoring helped the telecom operator strategize and implement ways to increase its customer conversions by approximately 15 percent—establishing a path of high performance vital to the dynamic and competitive environment of the telecommunications industry.