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Chinese Insurer Wins with Digital Education Transformation


Strategic digital transformation saves insurance enterprise more than US$14 million on travel costs and boosts sales by 26%

Since the initial launch in 1994, the Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Excellence Awards has been widely recognized as the “Academy Award” in the human capital management field.

This is the first time a China-based company has won the award.


As a crucial part of its strategic digital transformation progress against the “Internet+” environment, this insurer is dedicated to becoming a world leader in integrated financial services, yet faces huge challenges.

The firm has 800,000 life insurance sales staff and about 236,000 full-time employees, serving about 100 million customers global wide. To achieve its business ambitions, the insurer required a cross-industry comprehensive upgrade to its staff’s knowledge and skills. However, the one million+ employees are highly geographically dispersed—85 percent are mobile—making training extremely difficult.

A robust integrated system incorporating updated and effective training content, training deliverables and training channels was the key to revitalizing its existing organizational legacy.


To successfully implement the transition, Accenture took steps in 16 initiatives embarking on five aspects:
  1. Mobile learning model design

  1. Personnel training on mobile learning courses

  1. Learning content development

  1. Mobile learning platform design & development

  1. Operation & promotion.

Numerous subprojects were also delivered, including the following:

  • Mobile learning research

  • Model design & training

  • Development in mobile courseware & platform

  • Micro-class designer training

Since Phase I of this project the insurance enterprise has increased its salesforce’s effectiveness, reducing classroom training days by over 5,200 and saving $14 million in training costs through nearly 400 micro-training courses. In the meantime, it recorded higher work efficiency equal to over 156,000 working days, and cross-selling sales increased by 26 percent.

"Chinese insurer saves more than $14 million on travel costs and boosts cross-selling sales by 26 percent through digital transformation of training program."