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Accenture's employee portal

Mobile, personalized experiences


On any given day, Accenture’s nearly 400,000 employees work in all corners of the globe. They log into Accenture systems at all hours from a multitude of locations. Sharing a common gateway to the right business information is crucial to maximize productivity and collaboration.

Enter the Accenture Portal. Created in 2002, the Portal is the go-to source for information, experts and tools, presented in a personalized fashion for each employee. Whether it is news on the latest corporate acquisition, required training or time reporting, the essentials are just a click away.

As the Portal grew from its inception, so did the information it contained. In studying how users were interacting with it over time, Accenture realized it could streamline and simplify—creating a more mobile-friendly, digital and personalized experience for each employee while increasing efficiency and upping collaboration.


The internal IT organization team partnered with leaders across the company to enhance the Portal over a 12-month period, focusing on a few key areas.

  • Simplification. User metrics showed employees were using a limited number of functions regularly and often; those were kept in the updated Portal. Simplifying satisfied the bulk of users, but also sped up site performance and reliability while saving money.

  • Personalization. A technology manager in the United States and a new hire in India will not all see the same information upon opening the portal. One might get a reminder to fill out a missing time report while the new employee might see a link to the ethics and compliance training required in her first month. All employees will have access to key links personalized to their area of the business, world and work.

  • Social and mobility. The development team utilized a more nimble platform, which aided in keeping up with the new mix of applications and devices employees use every day. In addition, social widgets and a mobile-friendly user interface have taken center stage.

  • Governance. Stakeholders across the organization provided regular inputs to achieve the final solution.


The enhanced Accenture Portal has been rolled out in phases, geography by geography. Accenture employees have embraced this gateway, with 4.1 million monthly visits, 137,000 daily visits and 10,000 daily clicks on the spotlighted content.

Nearly one third of Accenture employees visit the Portal daily and one in two visits weekly. Each day, 1,000 profiles searches are executed, as employees collaborate.

“While we are pleased with the results thus far, the Accenture Portal will continue to evolve and be fluid," says Chris Crawford, managing director of Accenture’s social and publishing applications.