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Accenture | Amadeus

Accenture and Amadeus are merging strengths to forge a new way of addressing the industry's challenges. We are building a forward looking, market defining set of new and innovative offerings and capabilities, drawing from the existing Amadeus and Accenture portfolio and expertise. By combining these capabilities, Amadeus and Accenture can assist airlines through transformation, addressing the most pressing issues and executing with speed, while leading the way in innovation.

Download Innovation2: The Future of Travel

"Brilliant idea. Amadeus, a core industry player, knows their product extremely well from an inside out perspective, and Accenture knows what it would take to bring those products into airline architecture. When those two players combine forces, it could be extremely powerful."

- European Premium Carrier

Innovation Center

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    See how to employ the latest technologies ideas and apply them to meet the airline industry's very specific challenges.

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    Achieve breakthroughs and discover new sources of value through innovation based on your organization’s unique situation. Make clear progress in creating new opportunities or resolving the critical issues.

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    Bring your ideas to life in days. Apply agile and lean methods and design thinking principles to accelerate delivery. Leverage technology experts to realize your ideas.


The Innovation Center at the Dock in Dublin is our Alliance's global flagship, the hub to our many innovation spokes worldwide, where we are building a forward-looking, market-defining set of breakthrough new offerings and capabilities, always with a laser focus on the airline industry. Here we draw together the existing Amadeus and Accenture portfolio and expertise and deploy each party’s strengths in addressing the most pressing industry challenges and executing at speed to lead the way in innovation.