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Tech value

Get the value and insights you need for every tech investment

The challenge

Strike the balance between controlling IT costs, managing technology debt and enabling your business reinvention.

As companies invest in technology, it’s essential to get clarity on their IT costs to define their value and optimize their spending. Directly align your technology investments with your business goals. Track your spending against the initiatives, products and business units the technology is enabling. This enables you to clearly communicate the value of your investments to the entire business.

How we help

Our tech strategy and advisory team has tech value, debt management and cost takeout skills and provides insights and solutions to enhance efficiency.

Cost & productivity

Technology cost & productivity reinvention helps you control your costs and reinvest the savings into growth and transformation initiatives.

Business management

Technology business management practices and solutions help companies to increase transparency and directly connect their IT spend to business value.

Cloud FinOps

We help finance, technology and business teams to collaborate on spending decisions so they get better business value from their cloud initiatives.

Tech value realization

Tech value realization helps you identify the business benefits of your technology investments and then measure and track the benefits they achieve.

Tech expense management

This managed service monitors enterprise technology spending and tracks trends with accountability for every device, vendor, contract, and invoice.

Lean portfolio management

Align your tech strategy with your business execution across your IT portfolio. Boost collaboration across your teams.

Our leaders

Jason Byrd

Managing Director – Tech Strategy & Advisory and Global Lead – Tech Value

Adnan Shah

Managing Director – Tech Strategy & Advisory and North America Lead – Tech Value

Michael Wöbking

Managing Director – Tech Strategy & Advisory and Europe Lead – Tech Value

Tejas R. Patel

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory, Growth Markets

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