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A fast, scalable approach to learning

Empower your workforce to reskill and continuously learn with the Accenture Future Talent Platform.


Is your workforce dated by old technology skills? While 78 percent of business leaders expect their organizations to be digital by 2020, half of these leaders don’t believe they have a digitally skilled workforce.

This challenge requires a constant focus on reskilling the workforce in new technologies and ways of working.

78% of business leaders expect their organizations to be a digital business by 2020


The Accenture Future Talent Platform provides a personalized, interactive and on-demand learning solution, helping companies develop their workforce in critical areas such as digital, cloud, security and artificial intelligence.

Subject matter experts can curate learning boards for a better, faster learning experience, and users can interact with each other by following, commenting and contributing to their favorite boards.

A mobile app enables learners to pick up new skills anytime, anywhere and allows leaders to track learning progress—real time.


Accenture Future Talent Platform for social learning, rapid rollout and adoption at scale


Accenture has been using the Future Talent Platform internally to reskill more than 165,000 people globally in the latest digital technologies—or New IT, for the past two years. Users can explore 3,500+ learnings boards curated by emerging technology experts within Accenture and from our partners.

Now, Accenture is bringing these learning capabilities to other companies to help them reskill their employees and run agile, intelligent businesses.

Accenture used the platform to upskill a retail client team that needed critical technical skills to deliver projects and platforms. The client can now launch new services on its ecommerce site 75 percent faster.

165,000+ people reskilled globally
3,500+ learning boards for user to explore
Helping our clients reskill employees and run agile, intelligent businesses
Enabled a client to launch new services 75% faster


Making your workforce future ready requires new ways of thinking about work, your workforce and learning to scale up on new skills. The Accenture Future Talent Platform can play an important role to advance your learning priorities.



Hear highlights from Sarah Bartel’s talk on developing the workforce of the future at the Accenture Quality Engineering and Intelligent Automation Symposium 2018.


“With technology accelerating at a breathtaking pace, companies need to upskill their people at greater speed and scale to avoid being disrupted by competitors.”

Bhaskar Ghosh

Group Chief Executive
of Accenture Technology Services

“Our interactive, customized learning platform tailors curriculum to the specific needs of each company or individual. We’ve crafted a scalable, cost-effective approach for a new era of learning.”

Ellyn Shook

Accenture’s Chief Leadership
and Human Resources Officer


“The Accenture Future Talent Platform is like Pinterest® for learning. Subject matter experts can curate learning boards using existing content in the open market for a better, faster learning experience.”

Sanjeev Vohra

Group Technology Officer
of Accenture Technology

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Sanjeev Vohra