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Driving high performance for clients through industrialized delivery

True industrialization goes to the heart of business value—taking a company beyond “standard” work to efficient and effective work.

Overview and benefits


At its most basic level, our approach to industrialization aligns the right people—those with the appropriate skills and experience at the right price point—with the right work.

Making that happen depends on our ability to offer a suite of innovative approaches, assets, optimized processes, tools and specialized human resources.

Our integrated industrialization program, coupled with skilled professionals around the globe, results in world-class solutions for clients, and can deliver measurable benefits including:

  • Higher quality

  • Reduced delivery risk

  • Increased repeatability and reliability

  • More cost-effective, innovative solutions

Our approach to industrialization aligns the right people—those with the appropriate skills and experience at the right price point—with the right work.

Why Accenture

Independent researchers have made a case for our distinctive capabilities.

Based on a study of 450 companies by benchmarking organization QSM, our productivity is in the top 35 percent for application development.

These results were achieved across technologies, locations and industries, further demonstrating our ability to deliver cost-competitive, world-class solutions to our clients around the globe, with pace and certainty, and with higher levels of precision and predictability.

Critical Capabilities

Industrialization is comprised of capabilities that help us and our clients achieve superior results:

  • Specialization—Our people benefit from deeply specialized training and certifications to equip them to help clients meet specific needs and deliver tangible business benefits.

  • Automation—We help clients stay on schedule and on budget through the use of field-tested tools and methods that automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks—reducing implementation time and improving quality.

  • Asset Reuse—By employing reusable industry and technical assets, we ensure clients can build on our experience methodically, reducing effort and realizing more consistent and timely benefits.

  • One-to-many Delivery Model—Our accelerated delivery means clients receive standard services through a shared pool of resources and management. Clients benefit from better quality, scalable capability, increased speed to market and reduced ramp-up time.

  • Optimization—We optimize delivery across all phases of the development and application management life cycles. This includes appropriate use of guidelines, templates, optimized processes and global standardization of key deliverables, using delivery metrics to increase quality and productivity.

  • Agile Development—With a project management and delivery approach rooted in iterative development, we use an adaptable model for greater collaboration between the business and IT while accelerating time to market.