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Loyalty in the rail industry

Accenture helps rail operators develop profitable new value propositions, deliver tailored customer experience and establish customer loyalty.


Customers are increasingly demanding quality and value from services offered by rail operators. However, only a few rail operators have loyalty programs and there is still a huge scope for improvement in their offerings.

Accenture recommends rail operators to deliver valuable, innovative services or support at every stage of the travel experience, including facilitated access to travel, door-to-door travel services, real-time information, and innovative in-station and onboard services.

We help rail operators increase customer loyalty while improving profitability and growth potential by using assets and capabilities in analytics, strategy and program development, and execution and measurement. Our proven approach is based on the following core principles:

  • Supporting brand fundamentals
  • Enabling deep customer insight
  • Personalizing customer routes
  • Supporting the front-office workforce
  • Piloting investments
  • Leveraging new technologies​

Accenture helps rail operators create a framework and select the best contact channels for making relevant offers to customers.

We help measure performance of their loyalty programs to gauge profitability. Where needed, we also support the implementation and day-to-day management of processes and tools, including outsourcing of customer loyalty operations, such as customer segmentation, marketing campaigns and performance analysis. We have offered our services to leading rail operators including:

  • Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais (SNCF): Developed a complete customer relationship management strategy and designed an action plan to identify, target, segment and satisfy their customers.

  • Deutsche Bahn: Launched a pilot mobile application that offers frequent travelers a set of integrated services, and provides access to travel information and services.

  • iDTGV: Launched a Facebook application to encourage customer dialogues. Travelers not only have the opportunity to post comments about their experience with iDTGV, but also to plan various activities.

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