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Automotive Customer Journey Conquest



During the conquest phase, it's imperative for the OEM to send the right message at the right time, as Dave is actively searching and comparing information and prices. Dave determines his specific checklist of important features the new car should have.



Starts Configuration

Digital Dave starts a vehicle configuration using a digital device.


An OEM should be able to adopt its website to different types of customers and convert them into leads taking into account the individual driving behaviour as well as personal and social needs via a need analyzer.

The OEM Configurator presents a preconfigured vehicle based on historical data or available customer insights.

  • Need Analytics
  • Data/ Web Analytics, Big Data

Compare Vehicle

After having configured several vehicles, Digital Dave evaluates the vehicles he configured.


After having configured his first car, Dave feels uncertain if he has chosen the best model for his needs. At the end of the configuration he is offered to upload his configuration into a compare tool and contrast them with similar models with the same optional extras.

By displaying the sales price as well as estimated running and insurance costs, Dave can easily compare different models without being bothered to do the whole configuration process multiple times.

  • Compare Function Configurator

Saves & Continues Configuration

After configuring and comparing specific vehicles, Digital Dave is able to save and continue his configuration at any time on his digital device.


To ensure a seamless customer journey, an OEM needs to offer his customers the possibility to change devices without forcing him to start from scratch. Via registration on the OEM portal, Digital Dave can save and continue his configuration on any preferred device.

  • Omni Channel User ID

Finishes Configuration

Digital Dave finishes his configuration on his preferred device.


A finished configuration offers great possibilities for lead generation, which can be exploited better using different online channels.

  • After Dave finishes his configuration, further configuration options are shown based on configurations of other customers (data- & web analytics).
  • After Dave finishes the configuration, similar car configurations that are available on stock and instantly available are presented to Dave (data- & web analytics, system interface).
  • Dave is contacted via his preferred channel (e.g. call back, e-mail) and point of time if he wants to schedule a test drive, to get an offer, if he needs further consultation or information (data- & web analytics, follow up process, system interface).
  • At the end of the configuration, additional service products (e.g. driving behavior based insurance) are presented to Dave (data- & web analytics).
  • After completing the configuration, Dave receives a configuration ID or link of his configuration. With this ID/link Dave is able to retrieve his configuration via a digital device. In need of further consultation Dave is able to go to local dealership where the sales agent is able to access Dave's configuration using the configuration ID/link (system interface).
  • Dave shares his configuration on a social media network; OEM tracks via social media monitoring all related activities, e.g. comments and likes (see Awareness) (Social Media Monitoring).

Aborts Configuration

Digital Dave does not continue his saved configuration for a certain period of time.

Dealer Encounter

Appointment Scheduling

Digital Dave wants to schedule an appointment with a salesperson using his digital device.


When Dave explores the OEM's website, he decides to visit his local dealership to have a closer look on his favorite models. He can make an appointment online via his profile and select a convenient time slot. His personal information and his virtual garage are automatically shared with his assigned sales representative. Therefore, his salesperson is already prepared and can provide an individual sales experience.

  • GPS tracking
  • Online appointment tool

Dealer Showroom Visit

Dave visits the showroom at his local dealership.


Dave arrives at the dealer’s showroom with the intention to experience the vehicle and configuration. The sales agent is able to give an introduction to the vehicle via digital touchscreen or a digital device. Furthermore, Digital Dave is able to explore vehicle details via "augmented reality" such as different car colors, different tires/rims or technical details.

When arriving at the dealership, Dave can show the salesperson his preconfigured car on his smartphone and directly put it into the large configurator touchscreen at the dealership via a generated code. Together with the salesperson they can finalize his configuration and have more time for Dave’s questions, rather than spending time on going over the whole configuration process again.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive screens

Virtual Visit at the Dealership

Dave undertakes a virtual visit for a dealership from the comfort of his own home.


Dave uses his digital device, to configure his car in an augmented reality environment. He can see the configured car projected into his surroundings and adjust his configuration..

Test Drive

Booking of Test Drive

Digital Dave books a test drive via a digital device on OEM's platform and automatically receives a booking confirmation.


Digital Dave is offered to test drive the model he just configured on the OEM website. The system automatically finds the closest dealerships and shows available time slots.

For an uninterrupted user journey, an OEM should try to make the switch from online to offline experience as convenient as possible. If the customer has to act on his own by e.g. calling a dealer for a test drive booking, a lot of potential leads are lost.

Preparation of The Test Drive

Digital Dave comes to the dealership and handles the required paper work with his salesperson.


Dave accesses the test drive portal to watch a personalized instruction video via his digital device prior to the real test drive. He receives model specific information and gets suggestions, which functionalities he should test.

Experience of The Test Drive

After finishing the paper work, Dave starts his test drive experience.


After starting up the car, Dave's customer profile has already been loaded into the car's infotainment system, offering him to start the route he chose earlier. The infotainment system informs about new functionalities of this model.

  • Infotainment System
  • Unique User ID

Post Test Drive Activity

After the test drive Dave reflects and communicates his experience.


After enjoying an exciting test drive, Dave can share his experience with his friends on his favorite social media network directly over the infotainment system, inspiring others to try out a test drive themselves.

  • Internet connection
  • Social media integration
  • Presentation mode designed for test drives