By 2030, the world will need 40 percent more water, 30 percent more energy and 35 percent more food. Ecolab is on the frontline of this global challenge, committed to delivering digital water management solutions that enable customers to respond to this growing demand.

Knowing that a unified, customer-centric approach is critical for meeting these challenges, Ecolab set about transforming its current way of working and replacing its many unique customer portals, applications and architectures with a new digital platform. This new platform, branded ECOLAB3DTM, leverages common technologies, teams and governance models to accelerate the delivery of new services, optimize development costs and ultimately, benefit Ecolab’s customers.

"By harnessing the power of digital technology, we can help improve how businesses monitor, manage and reduce water and energy use."

— CHRISTOPHE BECK, President and Chief Operating Officer – Ecolab

What Accenture did

Ecolab and Accenture collaborated to co-create, jointly invest funds and resources, and build a project based on trust, transparency and seamless collaboration.

Together, we designed and implemented ECOLAB3D™, a secure, cloud-based digital platform that collects data from Ecolab’s process control and monitoring systems, automation tools and other systems to provide real-time insights, help customers optimize plant operations and benchmark performance across company sites.

The design and implementation of ECOLAB3D™ focused on four key elements:

User experiences

New processes, tools and interfaces and a configurable application dashboard enable users to create apps, visualize data and gain actionable insights.


A Microsoft Azure solution enables scalable data collection, ingestion, processing and archival—and sets the stage for predictive analytics.

Cloud connections

The team leveraged multiple technologies to integrate edge-to-cloud sensors and connections and enable true end-to-end platform capabilities.


A full array of features enables Ecolab to manage user access, issue alerts, monitor systems and back up data.

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People and culture

The success of this program is based largely on the joint commitments between Ecolab and Accenture to drive innovation from day one.

A one-team mentality as well as a common governance structure are ensuring the program focuses on achieving strategic priorities, generating sustainable value and helping clients manage their water ecosystems for years to come.

Value delivered

Working closely together, Ecolab and Accenture created an innovative platform that will help Ecolab’s customers meet their water-related challenges.

With the platform's 24/7 remote monitoring and analytics capabilities, customers have greater visibility into how their sites and operations as a whole are using water.

The new platform is providing:

"ECOLAB3D™ for water management is an integrated cloud platform designed to turn insights into actionable outcomes."

— NATASHA CHEN, Senior Vice President of Global Platforms – Ecolab

Water insights and value

ECOLAB3D gives customers visibility into water treatment and management, reveals efficiency opportunities and identifies risks to water operations.

Energy savings

ECOLAB3D™ lets customers perform predictive maintenance, identify waste, quickly spot inefficiencies with equipment and ultimately lower energy usage.

Customer services and solutions

With the new platform, Ecolab has significantly reduced the time and cost needed to scale up existing services and create new offerings.

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