Amir Cohen


Amir Cohen


Technology Consultant



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


B.Sc., Industrial Engineering & Management
“While working at Accenture, we engage with teammates and clients from different countries and backgrounds, with different knowledge and experiences. It is always great to see, and be part of a team where such diverse people can collaborate in order to achieve a common goal of delivering excellence.”

What I do

I am mainly working on Management Consulting projects for various companies. During these projects we design comprehensive business operating models, and implement major organizational and operational process transformation. I usually work directly with our clients, and interact with them on a daily basis to support them in delivering our projects. What makes my work very exciting and challenging, is that we are assisting our clients to meet their business targets and realize value in their business operations. My responsibility is to help our clients to see their business challenges in a new light, and overcome these obstacles, so that they will stay relevant in their business environment.

Day In My Life

Usually I am working with our clients at their premises to brainstorm with them and come up with the right solutions. We plan our daily tasks ahead of time, but our schedule continuously changes based on prioritization of new challenges, which makes the day much more interesting and diverse! We work in teams, which usually changes from one project to the other so I have the chance to meet many different people. Sometimes I engage with other Accenture colleagues outside of my project team for knowledge and experience sharing.

Outside the office

I participate in different sports such jogging, wave surfing, diving and I play football with my friends once a week. My wife and I also like to do sport together, like jogging or doing a cross-fit training together. I love to travel, to explore new places, hang out with my friends in one of the great bars we have in Tel-Aviv, or watch a football match.

My Advice

When I am facing Accenture’s clients I am always trying to put myself in the place of the person I am interacting with. When doing so I am trying to think and analyze what his/her expectations are in order for me to communicate with them effectively, as well as understand his/her concerns better. I always try to remember and act in such a way that clients will benefit from the interaction with Accenture as a company and with me as their consultant.