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Procurement Plus

Procurement Plus, our overarching approach, shapes how we work with suppliers to promote sustainability.

Beyond transactional procurement, Procurement Plus addresses four thematic pillars to advance responsible buying: the environment, human rights, supplier inclusion and diversity, and the future of work. This approach informs every aspect of our supply chain, building stronger partnerships based in ethical behaviors, transparency, agility and inclusivity.

Our ethical procurement strategy

Our strategy directs training for our people, supplier selection and the development of our high standards for conducting business with our suppliers.


Supplier Standards of Conduct

We require our suppliers to adhere to our Supplier Standards of Conduct or to make an equivalent commitment. Read more.

Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

As a signatory to the Ten Principles of the UNGC we strive to lead by example in upholding its principles.

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Human rights and our supply chain

We are committed to doing business ethically and legally, and we seek to leverage our global buying power to advance human rights.

Living wage

We strongly encourage all our suppliers to pay a living wage or higher to those who provide services directly to our company and/or our clients.

Modern slavery, child labor and human trafficking

Our Modern Slavery Transparency Statement provides more information about our long-standing commitment to supporting and respecting human rights.

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Driving supplier sustainability

We work continuously through relevant networks with our industry peers and clients to adopt sustainable practices and are continually improving our supplier and contractor management processes. We encourage a responsible buying culture by advocating for supply chains that are more sustainable and inclusive, both inside and outside our company.

We are working to increase visibility into the number of suppliers reporting their sustainability performance.

As a corporate member of CDP’s Supply Chain Program, we use CDP tools to promote engagement, transparency and sustainable practices with our suppliers. As part of our goal to reach net-zero by 2025, we set an ambitious target requiring 90% of our key suppliers* to disclose their environmental targets and actions being taken to reduce emissions by 2025.

*Key suppliers are defined as vendors that represent a significant portion of our 2019 Scope 3 emissions.

Supplier inclusion and diversity

Inclusive procurement creates long-term value for our clients and communities while helping us leverage our buying power for good. These practices help suppliers grow their businesses and influence, contributing to our collective shared success.


Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Program

We work within our ecosystem to identify, develop and work with smaller, more diverse suppliers with increased agility, reaching 21 countries in 2021.

Diverse Supplier Development Program (DSDP)

Through our 18-month DSDP, we put our commitment to supplier inclusion and diversity into action by mentoring diverse suppliers across the globe.

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Supporting a global inclusive economy

We are proud to be a corporate leader in inclusive procurement practices, and we continue to promote the inclusion of people who may be excluded from the labor market for physical, social or cultural reasons.

We support broader inclusion, not only through direct recruitment, but also through agreements with vendors and in collaboration with other organizations.


Prioritizing supplier diversity

More about sustainability

United Nations Global Compact: Communication on Progress 2021
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