PHYLLIS CLINCH (1901 – 1984)

Award winning scientist Phyllis Clinch was world renowned for her innovative research into plant viruses. Graduating first in her class in chemistry and botany in 1923 from University College Dublin, she won a postgraduate scholarship and completed her Ph.D. whilst working with Alexandre Guillermond at the Sorbonne.
In the 1930s she gained international fame for revealing complex viruses in the potato. On March 30, 1961, she was the first woman to be awarded the Boyle medal by the Royal Dublin Society in recognition of her scientific achievements. She died on 19 October, 1984.
Paul Clinch, Phyllis’ nephew, said of the portrait, “It is remarkable, the likeness is amazing. Anyone, even former students who might only have attended a few of her lectures 60 years ago, on walking into the room and seeing the picture on the wall would say 'That's Prof Clinch!,' or 'that's Auntie Phyll!' (the nickname by which she was known to generations of students)."