Professor Lydia Lynch

Associate Professor, TCD and Assistant Professor,
Harvard Medical School

Professor Lydia Lynch

Professor Lydia Lynch

Professor Lynch’s research has found that a type of anti-tumour immune cell protects against obesity and the metabolic syndrome that leads to diabetes. Results showing that immune cells known to be protective against malignancy called invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT), that are lost when humans become obese, can be restored through weight loss. Her work has also shown that therapies that activate iNKT cells could help manage obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disease.

Her lab is interested in understanding the cross-talk between the innate immune system and the metabolic system, and the key molecules involved.

Professor Lynch was included in the Irish Independent’s Top 40 Under 40, she was the recipient of a UNESCO-L’Oreal International Woman in Science Award, and a Marie Curie International Fellowship. She is funded by an American Diabetes Association Award, and an European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant.

To represent her work as an immunologist, her arm is crawling with bacteria and cells in the group portrait.

"I hope the Women on Walls project can contribute to this change and will impact how young girls and women feel, what they think they can achieve and what is possible for them. Including portraits of women is not only fair, but also highlights that science can be for everyone, scientists can be women or men, often with spouses and children and they can come from any background. One thing is clear though, the world needs science and science needs women."

You can follow Lydia on Twitter: @lynchielydia

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