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Professor Emma Teeling

Emma Teeling

Professor Teeling is a world authority on bat genetics. Her research with bats offers insights into human diseases such as blindness and deafness as well as aging. She established the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution and Mammalian Phylogenetics in 2005 and is the Founding Director of the Center for Irish Bat Research at UCD. Her research has led her to become known as Ireland’s Bat Lady!

Professor Teeling completed her Ph.D. in molecular phylogenetics at Queen’s University of Belfast and the University of California Riverside, USA (2002).

Her work aims to inform medicine and molecular biology to enable a better understanding of the structure and function of the genome, and to understand and conserve natural populations and environments to promote ecosystem well-being and functioning. 

Most recently Professor Teeling, along with cleft lip and palate surgeon Dr David Orr and paleobiologist Professor John Finarelli, is trying to discover the origins of cleft palates in humans through a certain species of bat.

In 2014 she was named in the top 100 female Irish scientists. Watch Emma’s TEDx talk here.  

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