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Telecom Italia multimedia service center

Accenture Helps Telecom Italia Consolidate Multimedia Services to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience.


Leading the telecommunication, media and entertainment business, Telecom Italia is taking its reputation for innovation to the next level with the adoption of an integrated multimedia service center for all the fixed and mobile customers. The new platform integrates digital content from a wide range of providers into a unified catalog offering video, music, books and games. Based on Accenture Video Solution software, this new platform is on trend – meeting customer demands for seamless access to content, while providing the company with must-have agility in a digital world.

In 2010, Telecom Italia launched CUBOSUITE, its over-the-top (OTT) digital offering for the consumer market, composed of a video-only service (“Cubovision”), new dedicated channels for music (“Cubomusica”), e-books (“Cubolibri”) and games (“Cubogiochi”). The service was available via 13 different types of devices, including iOS, Android and SmartTV. In 2013, Telecom Italia changed its multimedia services brand to “TIMsuite” (TIMvision, TIMmusic, TIMreading and TIMgames).

As the market developed, Telecom Italia needed a rapid evolution of the customer offering, converging the OTT suite towards a single, integrated multimedia service center. With this integrated platform in place, Telecom Italia would have an unprecedented opportunity to grow multimedia service consumption across its fixed and mobile customer base.


Telecom Italia selected Accenture to evolve its OTT service platforms into a unique, multimedia service center based on Accenture Video Solution (AVS). The new integrated TIMsuite service provides fixed and mobile customers with a seamless and enhanced user experience to consume digital content.

In what was an extremely demanding project, perhaps the biggest challenge of all was the integration of different content providers in the new multimedia service center, to deliver content anytime, anywhere and to multiple devices. In total, the combined TIMvision catalog contains over 6,000 videos and 12 million songs.

By providing consumers integrated access to all their digital content needs, Telecom Italia’s new multimedia service center will drive increased broadband usage, as well as reducing total cost of ownership and accelerating time to market to launch new services and capabilities. Telecom Italia can now provide a compelling and differentiated consumer experience, positioning the company for future growth.