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Salesforce boosts productivity at North American retailer

New technology creates a richer, broader multichannel experience for customers while improving efficiency for a North American retailer.


A Fortune 100 North American retailer dramatically improved insight into its customer base and channel partner interactions using a powerful cloud solution. After years of underinvestment in customer service infrastructure, deployment of point solutions to individual contact centers and numerous operational silos, the client is now providing a rich, effective multichannel service experience.

Adopting a hybrid agile approach allowed for quarterly release cycles that span from design/build to user training and supported rapid rollout of point solutions to more than 3,000 agents, 1,000 business users and more than 100 million customers.


The company had more than 20 functional contact centers that served both customers and internal employees. Its systems were heavily customized and rapidly approaching end of life, taking significant effort and investment to maintain across its distributed operations.

These technology challenges led to complex processes and increased operating costs in providing the high-touch treatment the company’s customers had come to expect. A large-scale transformation could build the foundational capabilities to grow service capabilities and provide a seamless mix of technology capabilities and customer-focused processes for agents, customers and channel partners, while efficiently controlling technology and operating costs.


The company selected Salesforce Service Cloud to transform its customer service capabilities and help:

  • Improve agent productivity.

  • Drive improved self-service through online and mobile channels.

  • Enable new channels.

  • Drive improved customer experience.

Based on Accenture’s experience with and our field-tested ability to deliver large-scale transformational projects, the company asked Accenture to help implement Salesforce Service Cloud as its new customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Specifically, Accenture:

  • Defined future-state business processes across contact centers and stores.

  • Executed conference room pilots to drive future-state service cloud requirements.

  • Defined a future-state integrated technology solution blueprint.

  • Collaborated with change management and migration teams to plan for end-user adoption and business value realization.


Using a hybrid agile approach allowed for quarterly release cycles to more than 3,000 agents, 1,000 business users and 100+ million customers.

This transformation:

  • Provided a 360-degree view of customers and channel partner interactions, deepening understanding of needs, creating the basis for advanced customer analytics and enabling more tailored, relevant and valuable products and services.

  • Enabled future service options for emerging channels (mobile, social, visual, virtual) and self-service.

  • Improved issue resolution and troubleshooting through real-time knowledge sharing.

  • Drove process simplification and standardization that provided a common template across contact centers.

  • Simplified and improved the customer and channel partner experience.

  • Significantly reduced total cost of ownership by consolidating systems and providing enterprise-wide solutions.

Using a hybrid approach enabled quarterly release cycles to more than 3,000 agents, 1,000 business users and 100+ million customers.