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New Digital Business for Qantas Loyalty

Accenture Interactive leads development of a new Qantas Golf Club website on Qantas Loyalty’s Liferay® portal management platform.


Accenture’s client, Qantas Loyalty, is one of the leading loyalty businesses in the country.

Qantas Loyalty sought to create the Qantas Golf Club - a new loyalty program that would enable Qantas Airlines' frequent flyer members to earn Qantas Points while purchasing tee times, entries to golfing events and golf holiday packages. It needed to launch the program in just four months, by the conclusion of the Australian PGA Championship.

IT projects are measured on whether they are on time, on budget, or on quality – experience has taught us that compromise in at least one area is required, but Accenture have shown us that it’s possible to deliver a project and hit all three goals.

Rachel Yangoyan

Executive Manager Loyalty Services


Accenture helped develop a new Qantas Golf Club website on Qantas Loyalty's recently deployed Liferay portal management platform. We collaborated with the Qantas Loyalty business to interpret the solution requirements, translate them into working software using an Agile approach, and build the necessary integrations between the new product and existing loyalty systems.


With Accenture's help, Qantas Loyalty was able to launch the new Qantas Golf Club in time for the conclusion of the Australian PGA Championship. The website was launched to 2.1 million frequent flyer customers, resulting in approximately 900 concurrent users browsing the site at its peak. More than 12,000 members joined the Qantas Golf Club within the first 24 hours.

Accenture delivered the project with a superior level of quality for the Qantas Loyalty internal support team.

The key to successful project delivery was the use of Agile. Moreover, the Agile practices and DevOps frameworks for build, test and deployment automation have been adopted and incorporated into the Qantas Loyalty business, helping to replace manual processes and enable future delivery to continue in an efficient way.

Qantas Loyalty was extremely satisfied with the results.

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