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Mobile Banking Solution for Large Commercial Colombian Bank

Accenture teams with large, commercial bank in Colombia to implement a mobile banking solution designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


The bank provides a full range of financial services for retail, private, microfinance, small and medium enterprises, corporate and institutional clients both locally and internationally.


While mobile penetration in Latin America is very high, only a fraction of the population has access to organized banking services. The bank wanted to leverage mobile to increase customer satisfaction and attract new customers.

It also wanted to close the market gap with competitors by providing a mobile banking platform that allowed customers to make fast, agile and secure banking transactions without resorting to more expensive channels such as phone or branch banking.


The bank selected Kony’s Retail Banking Vertical App as the technology platform to implement its mobile banking strategy and Accenture was selected to implement the solution because of its strong alliance with Kony, deep technical and banking industry knowledge and field-tested delivery success.

Accenture configured, developed and integrated the app with the bank’s back-end systems. After successful integration, the mobile banking app went live on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms.


The bank’s native mobile application enables its customers to make transactions anywhere, anytime from their mobile device, saving customers’ time when they inquire about products and making it easy, quick and safe to make transfers and payments.

To date, the mobile application had more than 385,000 downloads and the mobile channel is being accessed by nearly 175,000 customers each month, which is a 77 percent increase from January 2014 (using the previous mobile app), generating an average of three million transactions per month.

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