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Global Retailer: New loyalty program improves engagement

Accenture helped design, build and run a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool to support promotion initiatives.


Accenture helped a leading global retailer build an information system and IT infrastructure, to enable the launch of its very own loyalty program and to manage customer data. With the new capability, the retailer successfully migrated 65 percent of its customers to the program within three months.


The client is a leading global retailer that operates hypermarkets and supermarkets in Europe and Asia. To strengthen its position in the fiercely competitive retail industry, the retailer’s Italian subsidiary was looking to replace its loyalty program—which was earlier owned and managed by a third-party provider. The retailer turned to Accenture for help in implementing a new information system and building a robust IT infrastructure, to help the company launch its own loyalty program and have complete control over its marketing campaigns.


Accenture helped the retailer design, build and run a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool to support its marketing and sales promotion initiatives. Accenture leveraged its Oracle Siebel CRM expertise, providing technical support for the retailer to launch the new loyalty program and manage customer data. Accenture also delivered dedicated customer care services to enable consumers to obtain loyalty card-related information, register for the program and redeem loyalty points.


With the new information system in place, the retailer has been able to offer customized schemes, rewards and bonuses to its premium customers through its loyalty card. Within three months, 65 percent of its customers switched to the new loyalty program. The new capability has equipped the retailer to own and analyze customer data, providing insight to enable a strengthened position in the marketplace.