Closed loop spend management

Unlock growth with twice the savings, half the costs and four times more volume

Gearing for the future, at all costs

These are challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to keep a tight check on their costs, while maintaining profitability and achieving growth.

Closed-Loop Spend Management (CLSM) can boost your company’s operational resilience, cost elasticity and value maximization. It does this through an intelligent operating model, flexible or variable operating costs and a living architecture implementation.

CLSM adopts an innovative spend transformation approach powered by Accenture’s Zero-based mindset or ZBx approach to enhance profitability, business efficiency and growth.

Agility and resiliency

CLSM ingrains new ways of working for an agile and resilient organization through:

Intelligent operating model

  • Right work and right size
  • Autonomous and lean processes
  • Human + Machine workforce
  • Talent of the future

Variable operating costs

  • Shared services and right-sourcing
  • Liquid workforce

Living architecture implementation

  • Right source-to-pay platform for standard processes
  • Data and analytics for real-time decision-making
  • Connected apps for digital
  • Ecosystem collaboration

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We provide 4x value…

CLSM helps you generate 4X more value than an average industry player through better cost management, digital accelerators and responsible sourcing capabilities.

It injects agility and resilience into your business operations by optimizing overhead costs and transforming the supply chain and procurement processes.

Here’s how CLSM enables enterprises to unlock value and fuel transformation and growth in their business operations:

Spend transformation

Extract maximum value from through differentiated and new value levers including digital.

New ways of working

Become agile and resilient enterprises through automation, digital accelerators, living architecture, variable cost structures and talent of the future.

Responsible sourcing

Enable trust and transparency in the value chain, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate wasted capacities by leveraging circular sourcing opportunities.

Chart about CLSM enables enterprises to unlock value and fuel transformation and growth in business  operations through Spend Transformation, New Ways of Working, and Responsible Sourcing.

In just six steps

Be it optimizing selling, general and administrative expenses (SG&A) expenses or third-party spends, here’s how you can harness CLSM in six easy steps:

  1. Create full visibility into organizational spends
  2. Identify areas for cost optimization
  3. Plan the required interventions
  4. Derive savings and define future budgeting
  5. Implement quick wins and create a variable cost base
  6. Establish control and monitor mechanisms for delivery

Ultimately, adopting responsible spend management can help companies generate 4X more value and maximize gains.

Graphic describing how to harness CLSM in six steps: 1. Create, 2. Identify, 3. Plan , 4. Derive , 5. Implement, 6. Establish.

How we work

Here’s how we have supported several clients to help them transform into resilient enterprises through spend management and sustainability.

A booster shot to optimize cost

Accenture saved 24 percent on non-working marketing spend for a global pharma by optimizing marketing assets and offering low-cost alternatives for.

Data powers huge savings

Accenture helped a global energy company harness the employee analytics platform, Employee Genome, to redesign talent with 21 new skills and seven.

Weaving a cost-effective growth story

Accenture enabled a leading apparel company to maximize pre- and post-consumer waste streams and identify opportunities to generate an annual revenue.

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